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Semicoloned Newsletter Project Launched

On October 10, 2014, I launched a new project with the dual purposes of (a) creating a good quality curated newsletter and (b) monitoring and sharing product growth and success.

Semicoloned (;ed) is not strictly an ecommerce project, although I hope to monetize it eventually, rather it is a weekly email newsletter sharing links to interesting web and application development articles, libraries, videos, and tools.

A screen capture from the Bookbook video showing Jorgen Eghammer, a blonde haired man with a beard.

Three Reasons The Ikea Bookbook Video Is Great Content Marketing

To promote the IKEA 2015 catalog, the company has created a 2:28 video that describes the printed book as if it was a new technology. Some commentators have even suggested the the spot is nothing short of a full-on Apple advertising parody.

“You know, once in a while, something comes along that changes the way we live,” says a man identified as Jörgen Eghammer, chief design guru. “A device so simple and intuitive using it feels almost familiar. Introducing the 2015 IKEA catalog. It’s not a digital book or an ebook, it’s a bookbook.”


2014 Study: Shoppers Expect Free Shipping

This year comSocre and the United Parcel Service asked 5,800 American shoppers about their online buying preferences, and 81 percent of the respondents said that free shipping was important.

It is no surprise that a package carrier, UPS, should be concerned about how online shoppers view ecommerce delivery options, and, frankly, it is not that surprising that a significant number of shoppers look for free shipping at checkout. Who doesn’t like free.

Dov Charney source flickr, creative commons license

Dov Charney’s Marred Reputation Unfortunately Obscures the Good His Company Did

Dov Charney, the recently ousted and seemingly rehired, former chief executive of American Apparel turned consultant to the company, has made a lot of headlines for his alleged creepy misbehavior and his relatively extreme efforts to regain control of the company he founded.

Whether or not Charney is to blame for his situation at the time of writing or – for that matter – whether or not he is guilty is for others to decide, but, in spite of what’s happening now, there are a lot of things that Charney did at American Apparel that were, well good, including his support for laborers and fair trade.


21 Resources to Help You Sell on Etsy

Etsy empowers entrepreneurs, even ones with little or no cash and business experience, to easily start selling online, but like anything, merchants hoping for success cannot just post a product and wait for the cash to start pouring in.

Success on Etsy is about learning the ecommerce business, taking great care of customers, offering good products, and marketing those products well.