Mobile Commerce Accounts for 11 Percent of U.S. Online Sales in Q1

By Armando Roggio on
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Smartphone and tablet users accounted for more than 11 percent of U.S. electronic sales and more than 21 percent of website traffic in the first quarter of 2013. Online merchants cannot ignore this fastest growing Internet segment.

Two recent reports demonstrate just how important mobile commerce is becoming for online and multi-channel merchants.

In its quarterly State of Retail report comScore reported that online purchases initiated from mobile devices now accounted for 11 percent of all U.S. online transactions, representing about $5.9 billion in sales for the first quarter. When first quarter year-over-year data is considered, all U.S. retail grew approximately 1 percent; all U.S. ecommerce grew 13 percent, and U.S. mobile commerce grew 31 percent for the quarter, again according to comScore.

A separate study from Monetate estimated that mobile devices accounted for something like 21 percent of all ecommerce site traffic in the first quarter of 2013. Smartphone users on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 5 accounted for 10.44 percent of ecommerce traffic in the first quarter compared to about 5.42 percent for the first quarter of 2012. Tablets accounted for some 10.58 percent of ecommerce traffic in the first quarter, again according to Monetate, up from about 5.95 percent of traffic in the same 2012 quarter.

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